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Reflections & Toe Dipping

This time of year invites a time for reflection, release, and dreaming into the future. I invite you to carve out a bit of time for yourself to connect inward and reflect over the past year, on what you want to celebrate, heal, or release.

Celebrate the Wins!

  • What big and small events do you want to celebrate?

    • Example: Habit changes, Job / Career changes, Relationship changes, Self-Care changes

Lessons Learned

  • What was hard or challenging

  • What stretched you outside of your comfort zone?

  • What did you gain from the experience?

    • Example: Clarity, Confidence, New skills

Joy & Laughter

  • What brought you joy and laughter - where your face hurt from laughing?

    • Ex: Movies, Friends, Adventures

Release & Let Go

  • What do you want to release and let go of? What is weighing on you that you are done tolerating?

    • Resentments

    • Frustrations

    • Relationships

    • Expectations

  • A special way to release.... write all that you want to release on a separate piece of paper. It could be keywords or a full-on novel...... When you are complete with that - release it in an intentional and empowered way.

    • Tear or shred it up

    • Burn it (safely of course)

    • Write it up on paper that dissolves... and flush it!

    • Write words on Alka seltzers with a pencil and then dissolve them in a bowl

Look back over what you just wrote…….Breathe in and out and celebrate yourself for putting the intention and focus into this practice. Acknowledge yourself for all of the amazing humanness that you embody!

If you were to pick a word for what 2022 was for you… what would it be?


Let's Dip our Toe into 2023….

What is the energy or focus that you would like to bring into 2023?

  • Example: positive momentum, intentionality, release what no longer serves me

How do you want to feel in 2023?

  • Example: Confident, Happy, Positive, Open, Strong,

What do you want to change up in 2023?

- Career

- Health

- Finances

- Relationships (friends/romantic)

- Fun & Play

- Self Care

What is important about changing that up in 2023 for you?

  • Get into all the juicy details of what is important about the areas of life you want to change up.

What resources do you need to support you with those changes?

  • Example: people to guide/teach, skills, money, schedules

Let's Bring It for 2023!!! We got this!!!

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