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Coaching Programs

Coaching gives you the opportunity for implementing REAL and LASTING Desired Change.

It’s where YOU give yourself PERMISSION to live a life aligned with who you truly are.  

A life where your light isn’t dimmed, watered down, or quieted.  It is a life where your light burns bright with hope, love, intention, and joyful connections; where you are courageously vulnerable and resilient in your everyday life.

  • As a Mom, Wife, Daughter, Sister, or Friend,

  • As a Student, Employee, Business Owner, Executive, Manager, or Leader

  • As an everyday Human Being

What Coaching can do for you

Coaching addresses you as a WHOLE PERSON focusing on what is important to you.
Coaching provides you a safe place to...

  • explore what is missing in your life, to get honest and real about what you want to change.


  • explore the infinite and unknown possibilities ahead of you.


  • break free from your barriers and suffocating rules to allow for expansion and growth.

Coaching provides you...  

  • an opportunity to identify what truly lights you up, what makes your heart sing, and illuminates the transformational path in front of you.

  • accountability to make the changes you so deeply desire.

    • So, you don’t set aside your dreams and goals. 

    • To help you embrace and move past your fears and old habits that no longer serve you. 

    • To help you stay on your path and not get side-tracked with everyone else’s needs. 

    • To help you take action with the new awareness that you have gained through your self-discovery and reflection.

As your coach...

As your coach – I will partner with you on your journey to:

  • Get clear on what you want out of life  ~ So you can align with your life’s purpose

  • Identify areas that are out of balance ~  So you can create harmony in your day

  • Target areas in your life where you are unsatisfied or unfulfilled  ~ So you can take action towards your future possibilities 

  • Increase awareness on your dreams and desires ~  So, you can take ACTION towards living life on purpose with intention

As your coach, I commit fully to be your accountability partner; holding sacred and safe space for you to be you

  • I will hold you in the highest light and see all the potential that is within you, especially when you don’t see it or feel it…. Especially then.  

  • I will hold up that mirror so you can feel fully into your highest and best self – that is Courageous, Loving, Free, Strong-Willed, Vibrant, Wild, Empowered, Intentional and truly Connected.

Are you ready to give yourself Permission to live a life aligned with who you truly are? 

Read about Angela & her transformational story...

Coaching with Emily has been invaluable for me personally and professionally! I love her intuitive, gently curious style of coaching, which helps me look at myself honestly without feeling threatened or defensive. Emily is masterful at listening for and bringing out issues and insights that are right under my nose...and invisible to me. As a coach, Emily is that wise friend who knows when to throw down a challenge or circle back to a recurring theme with tenderness. With each session, I'm laughing, I'm taking notes, I'm stunned into silence with a-ha moments, and by the end of every session, I have a clearer vision, a renewed passion, and a calmer spirit. 


Emily has helped me through parenting problems, professional resistance, and underlying bad procrastination or "shiny squirrel" syndrome. (That's my latest favorite .... when she calls me on chasing after the latest new-cool-shiny "Squirrel!") 


I had resistance about being coached...I didn't - and still don't! - want to talk about my "problems" or my weaknesses. And yet Emily guides me, every single time. She helps me change my focus from being overly critical of my past choices to taking concrete steps toward a better present moment and more INTENTIONAL future.  


In the past 18 months, my life has gone through a complete overhaul as a person and a parent.  Emily has coached me through all these changes - reminding me to celebrate the victories, take an aerial view of how far I've come, and helped me define the future I want to create. 


I KNOW, deep in my heart, that without her class and her coaching, I would still be stuck and miserable in my "old" life. Sign up for Emily's coaching, and take her classes. Your life WILL transform, even if you can't see through the darkness yet. She's a shining light who will help you find your own light .... because the world needs your light.

Dr. Angela Hall

This journey isn’t ‘one and done’, it takes commitment, dedication, and time. 
This is a very personal and powerful process for you and it is important that you are on this journey with someone you trust and feel 100% comfortable with.   
Let’s jump on a Complimentary Discovery Session so you can experience what coaching is all about.  You may already know what you want to work on and that is great!  Or, you may want to do a little exploration to find your path, and I'll guide you through.  
An important part of your Discovery Session is to see if we are a match to work together on your empowerment journey.  I would be honored to be that person for you if it feels right and it is meant to be.

One on One Personalized Coaching Programs

Breakthrough the Noise
3 Month program 

This program will create a safe space for you to start exploring your desire for a better life and to start taking action.

Claim Your Direction
6 Month program

This program takes you deeper into awareness and transformation and allows you the time and space to really apply and see the effects to what you are awakening to.

Wholehearted Journey
9 Month Program

This program is the sweet spot for awareness and transformation for your heart’s dreams and desires.  This journey will support you as you dig deep to create a life that fulfills your personal and professional goals.

No More Messing Around
12 Month program

This program is a fully committed journey to becoming you.  It will bring you deeper into yourself so you can uncover and claim your true self and calling.

For real. No more messing around!

ReWire Unhelpful Beliefs - Single Sessions

One of the most powerful and empowering ways I help my clients is to support them to ReWire Unhelpful Beliefs, so that they don’t have so many inner roadblocks standing in the way of what they really want to achieve.


The ReWiring process is one of my favorite tools because it allows us, to get to the heart of what’s been holding you back from:

  • Feeling confident in your abilities at work or at home.

  • Finding motivation to take action.

    • The “I’ll start tomorrow”.  Whether it’s fitness, nutrition, sleep schedule, or a social media detox.

  • Feeling enough. 

    • Feeling smart enough, ready enough, experienced enough, outgoing enough, healthy enough, young/old enough, wealthy enough….. you get the idea!

  • Ending work on time

    • And NOT working more during the night (after supper, the kids go to bed, taking care of everyone else, or activity you are doing.)

  • Saying “No” to the endless inbound requests.

We go deep, and it’s a technique that activates your neural pathways as well as your somatic wisdom. Clients have been surprised at what comes through

Your Investment: $140 per session

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