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to BE

Personal Transformation
Heart-centered Circle
Women who Have your Back

4 Month
Group Coaching

2023 Fall Program

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Dear Amazing Woman ~ 

My heart is so happy that you are here, on this page, at this very time in your life.  It's no mistake or coincidence.... it is truly meant to be. 

My hunch is that you want a better life experience. Of a happier life, of a more purpose-filled life, and one filled with love. A life filled with a grounded heartfelt connection to who you are and what you stand for; where you can use your voice to express freely.   

And that there is a longing for meaningful wholehearted connection with a circle of women who have your back. Where you will be welcomed and embraced as your full, true self; without holding back or hiding as you grow and transform in your own unique way. 

Yes, my hunch is that you may want all of that....and more!

Happy Woman
 Young Woman Contemplating

I also feel you on the brink of burnout from holding it all together.

Your plate is overflowing and you are wondering how and when this better life could actually ever happen.

You find yourself caring for everyone around you, making sure they are happy and satisfied.  Yet, you are exhausted.

You are working long hours and the Work-Life Balance is obsolete - in fact, it's a joke!

You crave just 30 minutes to yourself.  To breathe, to catch your breath, and clear your mind.

You keep promising yourself that after the work is done, you will have some time for you.... 

and that promise is broken time and time again.

It's time for a change....


It's time for you to connect with the wise-woman inside of you and get to know yourself on an entirely new level.

Are you Ready To Give Yourself Permission to BE.......

To Be Heard

To Be Seen

To Be Loved

To Be Bold

To Be Healthy

To Be Confident

To Be in Action

To Be Celebrated

To Be Authentically YOU

To Be Connected to Your Body

To Be Alive and Take Up Space 

To Stand Up for Yourself

To Go After What Lights You Up

and Makes Your Heart Sing

Program Includes 4 Months of:

  • Personalized Support and Genuine, Heartfelt Connection within a Circle of Women

    • To keep this intimate, 14 women will be accepted into our sacred circle

  • Monthly Themed Learning & Connection Calls

    • Journaling and activation exercises to deepen into the transformation journey​

  • Monthly Integration & Sharing Calls

  • Group Visioning & Connection Call to Begin

  • 1/2 Day Retreat - Special Connection & Intentions

  • (2) 30-Minute 1:1 Coaching Sessions

  • Group Celebration & Integration to Complete

  • Monthly Meditations to deepen into the theme

  • Private WhatsApp Group

    • Connection, Support, Community, Resources​

  • Special Discounts to any workshops & programs​

  • 10% Discount on Energetic Sessions

Dreams This Way / Motivational Inspirati

Monthly Themes

Image by Jurre Houtkamp


Creating the foundation and stepping onto the path

Permission: To vision and let go of restrictions

Image by Brooke Lark



Permission: To become the leader of your life.

I love myself. Portrait of self-satisfied egoistic little girl wearing striped T-shirt emb


 Self-Doubt to Self-Worth

Permission: To own your self-worth with confidence and ease

Image by Lindsay  Henwood


Taking Action

Permission: To take heart-centered intentional action

Image by Jakob Søby


Setting Boundaries

Permission: To say "No" without apology or regret

Four beautiful women standing at a terrace under confetti..jpg


Acknowleding the growth and looking forward.

Permission: To celebrate yourself and continue to dream

Heartfelt Experiences


Emily kept space for me to celebrate, dig into what I was thinking, and talk through where I was stuck. She guided me with questions that would help me get clarity and move past the issues that were holding me up. I was able to get very clear on what I didn't want to do and chart a new path in a direction that I'm truly excited about. 


Emily is a wise, thoughtful and curious coach.  When I worked with her, I was always comforted knowing that she held no judgments of me and knowing that she held space for me and how I showed up. 


Working with Emily allowed me to overcome my fears and give myself permission to move forward in ways that felt both authentic and liberating.


"I have had many years of working on my growth through therapy, learning and individual coaching. This experience though was special in helping to dig even further into understanding myself and learning to be okay with who I am.

Being in a group setting with other women created a safe space to build community, supporting others and receiving support.

Emily fostered an environment full of love, support and guidance towards increasing self-love and self-awareness. She is truly compassionate and uses effective questioning to provoke deep thinking and increase self-awareness.

The sessions helped me arrive at a place I have longed to be where I could unapologetically be myself and accept support from others.

I highly recommend these groups!"


"Who knew loving oneself was such a radical act? And to find self-love, there is no better pilot than Emily. 

I was suffocating in my job, relationships, and life and felt genuinely without happiness nor hope when I started working with Emily.

To say she flipped my life 180 degrees would be a dire understatement. Emily steadily yet gently directed me to face some of my biggest challenges and anxieties. She provided strong guidance when surfacing my unconscious self-sabotage and reassurance as I took my first wobbly steps into self-care and love. I simply cannot believe the transformation within myself in 8 months. It is not hard to see the numerous positive changes coaching has provided in my life. Emily helped me write the map to a happy future."

An Investment in yourself and your future 

Your Price:

Pay in Full: $625

         ~ or ~ 

5 Monthly Payments: $125

To add on (2) 1:1 50-Min Coaching sessions 

Pay in Full: $82or  5 Monthly Payments: $165

To add on (4) 1:1 50-Min Coaching sessions 

Pay in Full: $1025 or  5 Monthly Payments: $205 

Early Sign Up Bonuses *

  • 1  50-minute Coaching Call -  (valued at $130)

** To be eligible: Sign up and pay by 10/01/2023**

YES!  This sounds so exciting and I would love to learn more.

Next Steps: 

  1. Schedule a 30 minute exploration call so that we can get to know each other and see how this program might support you on your journey.

  2. I will share more details about the program after our call so that you will have time to reflect and determine if it feels right for you.

There is no pressure in this process, only a heartfelt connection,

and an intention that you discover what is right for you.

When asked "How are you feeling?" at the end of our sessions.....
I feel heard             I don't feel alone in all of this            I feel connected
I feel inspired         I feel motivated                                   I am more grounded 
I feel confident       I feel grateful

~ Top 10 Reasons to Join Us ~ 


Get clear on where you are and where you want to be

Now is the time. You are ready to say yes to you and your life. You want to discover what is off and what doesn’t feel right, so that you can make changes and go after what it is that lights you up. You are ready to start dreaming again of what could be!


Move from Self-Doubt to Self-Worth

You will be guided through a gentle process to release self-doubt and move into your own self-worth with confidence and ease!

It's time to own your brilliance and start shining bright in all you do with work, family, friends, and life! You will begin to appreciate the beautiful, wise, and amazing woman that you are. 


Create Boundaries with Ease

You will learn how to create beautiful and supportive boundaries in your life.  These boundaries will help you focus on what is important to you. Boundaries will protect you from yourself and the requests and demands of others. 


Committed Community of Women

As adults it can be hard to find friends who really get you, support you, and celebrate you for who you are.

This community of women is ready for that deep connection, and for conversations that go below the surface level. They are ready to embrace and empower each other while everyone transforms on their unique journey.


Step into the Leader of Your Life!

You will gain clarity around what is really important to you so that you can step in fully and be the leader of your life.

Areas we will explore - Leading Yourself

Positive Attitude

Alignment & Adaptability

Decision Making


Release the tension and stress

Through different techniques and practices, you will let go of years of tension and stress and be able to breathe again. You will learn ways to recognize your stress response and release the tension quickly so that it doesn’t build up and weigh you down.


Connect to your body wisdom

Your body is so devoted and loyal to you and it is time for you to connect to the messages that it has been sending you.


Taking Action with Ease

Once you are clear on who you are and how you want to step into self-leadership you get to start taking heart-centered intentional action! 

Taking action can look differently to everyone and we will find your own unique way of taking action toward what lights you up in life!


Jump off the Hamster Wheel

As you put the practices in place, you will see the changes and experience momentum. No more spinning your wheels and going nowhere. All that energy and passion that you have inside will move you forward on your unique path.


Grant Yourself Permission to BE

The entire program is set up to provide you with the internal passion and drive to say yes to you, to your future, and to everything that fills you with love and joy.  You will provide yourself with the Permission to BE.  Nobody needs to give it to you, as you will give it to yourself – with love, vulnerability, commitment, and grounded confidence. 

  • How do I know if this is RIGHT for me?
    If you are looking to connect to yourself in a more meaningful way, to hear the whispers on your heart and take action towards a life that fills you up, and give yourself Permission to BE all that you can be, then YES, this program is for you. If you are ready to put in the time, energy, and focus on your future self; then it’s for you. If you want to connect deeply and honestly with a community of women who are ready to transform and support each other wholeheartedly along the way; then it’s for you. If you are willing to truly look at what has been holding you back and make changes to your habits, thoughts, and action; then it’s for you.
  • How do I know if this is NOT for me?
    If you want a quick fix or a “7 steps to success” formula; this isn’t for you. If being an active participant in a group of a women, who are ready to share and support each other doesn’t suite your path right now, perhaps one-on-one coaching would be a better fit. If you aren’t ready or willing to honestly look at what has been holding you back and make changes; this doesn’t sound like the right time.
  • Can I pay in full or do monthly payment plans?
    Both options are available to you. You can pay in full or spread out the investment over 5 months with automatic reoccurring payments done for you. Alternative or extended payment plans are available upon discussion and approval.
  • What if I have to miss a Group Call?
    The first session of the month will be recorded and available for you within 24 hours of the initial call. Life happens and I understand that you may not be able to make every group call. I do encourage you to attend live as you will get the most out of the experience when you actively connect and build your community with the other women.
  • How long will I have access to the materials, calls, private coaching?"
    All materials will be available to you during the entire length of the program, and will be available to you to download for your usage in the future. The private coaching calls will need to be scheduled and completed by the end of the program – December 2023.
  • When will you have the the Group Calls?
    Majority of the calls will be held via Zoom, on the 1st & 3rd Wednesday of month - with a few exceptions to accommodate the holiday season. See schedule below. - Group Kick Off Call (To begin the journey) 10/25: 6:30 - 8:00 pm CT - 1/2 Day Retreat - Special Connection, Learning & Intention Call Saturday - 11/4: 10:00am - 2:30pm CT - Learning & Connection Calls, 6:30 - 7:30pm CT 11/29, 12/13, 1/10, 2/7 - Integration & Sharing Calls, 6:30 - 7:30pm CT 11/29, 1/24, 2/21 - Group Celebration & Integration Call (To complete the journey) 3/6, 6:30 - 8:00 pm CT All Call Dates: 10/25, 11/15, 11/29, 12/13, 1/10, 1/24, 2/7, 2/21, 3/6 Retreat Date: 11/4
  • How much time do I need to work on the content for this program?
    You will get out of this program what you put into it. The group calls will be around 2 hours per month. To get the most out of the program you will want to carve out at least 1 hour per week for reflection work, journal prompts, or the homework activities. This is your time to discover, grow, and transform.
  • What if I want a 1:1 Private Coaching session each month?
    That is great, and we can make it happen! You can choose to receive 2 or 4 coaching sessions for additional accountability and support. You can schedule one session per month. The additional cost is added into the "Your Permission to BE - PLUS the 2 or 4 Coaching sessions" option when you select the desired program and payment plan.
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