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The Emotion Code

The Emotion Code is a powerful and simple method designed by Dr. Bradley Nelson, to find and release trapped emotions that are stuck in your body, from past negative experiences. 

These emotions, often forgotten but never truly gone, can cause an emotional 'traffic jam' in our lives, blocking us from love, happiness, and overall wellbeing.

Releasing emotional baggage that is weighing us down allows us to step closer towards a life of clarity, emotional freedom, and joy!  It is a gentle and effective process to release what is no longer serving you. 

How can The Emotion Code help you?

We work with your subconscious mind to identify and release the trapped emotions that are no longer needed.

What to expect during your Emotion Code session

During your Emotion Code session, we'll create time to talk about what you have been experiencing and what area of life you would like to focus on.  You can focus on challenges - physical, mental, or emotional.  Or, perhaps you want to take action towards a goal or dream where you feel that something is holding you back.  We can have one area of focus or a few, it's totally customized to you.  

Using muscle testing, we will identify the trapped emotions that are ready to be released.  The great thing about this process is that you don't have to "know" what is trapped or "what happened" to create it.  Your subconscious mind has all of this information and that is what we will tap into.  All you need to do is relax your mind and be open to the experience.  

This is a super gentle and easy process; no need to remember or talk through the difficult experiences that created the trapped emotions.  Of course, I will hold space for you to share what feels important without judgment or expectations.


Once identified, these trapped emotions are released using magnetic energy, thereby restoring balance and facilitating healing in all aspects of your life.

Each session is a step closer towards a life of clarity, emotional freedom, and joy. The experience is usually gentle and freeing, and I will guide you every step of the way.

Sessions can be done in person at my office or virtually via Zoom or phone.

Purpose of The Emotion Code Process

  • Release Trapped Emotions

  • Let go of emotional baggage and have freedom from the weight of that influence

  • We aren't deleting or altering memories - just removing the emotional charge

  • Create a cleaner slate - so that your emotions can be healthy and helpful guides

Emotion Code Sessions


Single Session

60 Minute Session 

In-Person or Virtual

We can clear up to 10 trapped emotions in one session.  



Emotion Code Bundle

(3) 60-Minute Sessions

In-Person or Virtual

We can clear up to 10 trapped emotions in one session. 

Dedicated time to work on releasing your trapped emotions over a 30-day period. 


Dennim - "The Authentic Me"

Doing emotion code work with Emily has been an absolute blessing to my life!

After just one session I felt a shift in how I was showing up in my daily life, and after clearing my heart wall, I feel like a more free and authentic version of myself. I am so grateful to have done this work with her and will be back to do more in the future! 

Heart Wall Clearing

(4) 60-Minute Sessions

In-Person or Virtual

"Because your heart is so important, your subconscious mind knows that sometimes it needs to protect your heart from danger.  When your heart is being hurt or is in danger of being "broken", your subconscious responds quickly by building a shelter to keep it safe." 

The Heart remembers who you are.  Who you are is imprinted on your heart; physically, energetically, and spiritually.



"Fear to Confidence

and Indecision to Action"

Emily's Emotion Code release sessions have been game-changers for me! During rehearsals for an upcoming community theater show, I was battling fear and self-doubt, especially when it came to hitting high notes.


What sets the Emotion Code release apart is its ability to identify and release trapped emotions, even if you're unaware of their existence or origins. This isn't your typical talk therapy or regression to a traumatic experience in life. Emily's approach is warm, generous, and light-hearted, which makes the whole experience incredibly enjoyable and uplifting.


In the very first session, Emily worked her magic and peeled away layers of anxiety and fear, which unlocked my voice, allowing me to hit high notes with confidence. It also unexpectedly gave me my laugh back … and I stopped taking everything so seriously - and had a lot more fun!

 I was truly surprised by the emotions that had been holding me back and how Emily's Emotion Code release allowed me to tap into my inner strength.


The second session was just as eye-opening. I’d been struggling with feelings of indecision that led to inaction - in other words, analysis paralysis. Emily's gentle yet powerful techniques helped me release trapped emotions that I never would’ve expected.  It was amazing to uncover the emotions that were blocking me.


Emily is a master of her craft, and I can't recommend her Emotion Code release sessions enough! If you're searching for a way to overcome your limitations, unlock your hidden potential, and release the emotions that hold you back, don't hesitate to book a session with Emily. Trust me, you'll thank yourself later - and be amazed by how you’ll experience shifts in many areas of your life! 


"Release Vertigo"

I had been suffering from a strange bout of vertigo. After an extensive apt with an ENT there were no found causes nor any solid treatments they could offer me. As a coach myself, I believe in the mind/body connection, and considering I  had been under a lot of stress, I  thought that maybe an Emotion Code session could help me and I also knew that time with Emily at the very least would be good for my nervous system.


I was right. Emily gently and expertly led me through the session to release trapped emotions. The sound of that sounds intimidating, but the experience was easy and beautiful.

I felt safe to share details of my personal life with Emily. That was easy because of the supportive and warm space she creates. However, I could have shared less and the process would have been effective. 


While I  don't fully understand the *HOW* of how it works, I  do know that I  felt a sense of lightness, relaxation,  and peace after the session.

Emily gave me some specific acupressure points I  could use to help with my dizziness. I left on vacation the next day and the vertigo was better, but the second day it had resolved along with a new perspective shift.

Throughout the session, I  could feel Emily's compassion and care as she listened deeply and easily connected to my energy. I  felt seen and held. What a gift. I  genuinely looked forward to our follow-up session which was just as comforting and effective. 

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