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Just Wear the Flip Flops

I went to Noah's Ark Waterpark with my daughter. It was the Summer's Solstice and I took the afternoon off to spend time with my daughter, play in the water and catch some rays. <Heart medicine for me> What we didn't plan on was being in pain 20 minutes into our adventure.

As we put all of our items into the locker we debated on wearing our flip-flops or putting them in the locker. We opted for the locker. The thought process and discussion was less than 30 seconds; however, the effects were long-lasting.

How many times have you waffled back and forth on a decision, not sure what way to go, and opted for the easier, less hassle, and perhaps cooler decision?

At work: Do you review or have someone else review your report or important email before submitting it? Do you work through lunch or take a break? Do you have an honest conversation with a peer that is impacting your team collaboration or ignore it, hoping it will just get better?

At home: Do you do the laundry 100% of the time or share the responsibility with the family? Do you meal prep and buy the groceries in advance or just wing it during the week? Do you set guidelines/rules with the kids when they are younger or wait until they are older? Do you fill the cabinet with toilet paper or wait?

With your self-care: Do you take care of everyone's needs first and then when you have time….go for the walk, call a friend, take a bath, read a book, meditate, exercise, or do you never have the time?

All quick decisions and rather low stakes in the moment. So we think.....

Back to the flip-flops.

We opted for the locker because well - it will take time to take them on/off when going on rides, you don't wear shoes at the park, it will be a hassle, what if they are stolen, and we will look cooler without the flip flops…..

Never mind that it was over 90 degrees and the park is HUGE with pavement and blacktop, and little shade in the walking areas.

Yes, I believe I am a rather fully functioning adult, and yet…..

  • It takes 10 secs to take on/off flip-flops and toss them in the shoe cubby

  • 90% of people wore sandals or flip-flops

  • Who in their right mind would take my beat up, but super cute flip flops

  • Look cooler?!?

Now think of the real-life situations with life at home, work, and your self-care. It can make all the difference with submitting quality work or having the energy and mental focus to do the work. Your ability to enjoy your time with family at home, not feeling resentful, and not yelling out to anyone in the house for a roll of TP.

When you practice self-care, you can actually make it on the list FIRST so that you can feel energized, calm, and start trusting yourself again.

So the moral of the story, quite often a little extra effort on the front end will make life soooo much better on the back end. When you take action on what is aligned with YOU and what is most important to you with work, family, and your self-care you will feel happier and more balanced.

And seriously, wear the flip-flops. Don't be limping around like me wishing I would have taken that extra 10 seconds. 🙂

Resting our feet....happy and smiling!

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