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I am Ready to Find Joy and Ease between Work and Family

Dear Amazing Woman,

My heart is so happy that you are here, on this page, at this very time in your life.  It's no mistake or coincidence.... it is truly meant to be. 

My hunch is that you want a better life experience.   Of a happier life, of a more purpose-filled life, and one filled with love.  A life filled with a grounded heartfelt connection to who you are and what you stand for; where you can use your voice to express freely.   


A life where you feel awake, alive, and confident in your ability to take on life’s adventures.  Where you feel physically healthy and vibrant in your body so that you can show up with the energy to enjoy your day. 


Where you have permission to be 110% yourself in your skin without apology. 

Yes, my hunch is that you may want all of that....and more!


I also feel you are on the brink of burnout from holding it all together.

 Young Woman Contemplating

​If you are feeling burned out and buried - you are most likely experiencing what so many of my clients and I have experienced.

  • You find yourself caring for everyone around you, making sure they are happy and satisfied.  Yet, you are exhausted. and unhappy​

  • You are working long hours and the Work-Life Balance is obsolete.​ You keep thinking if I just work through lunch, or extra this weekend, then I can get caught up.... and it never happens.

  • You crave just 30 minutes to yourself.  To breathe, to catch your breath, and clear your mind.​​  And then feel guilty for craving and wanting that.

  • Your body is hurting and the tension in your neck and shoulders is creating headaches.  You can't sleep anymore - tossing and turning.

  • You are snapping and irritable at your family and friends when it isn't their problem and then feel ashamed and frustrated.

  • You keep promising yourself that after the work is done, you will have some time for yourself.... and that promise is broken time and time again.


​​It's time for you to start feeling like Your True Self.

Details about the 20 Minute Call 

It's time for us to connect one-on-one so you can share what you are experiencing.   

  • Everything we discuss is 100% Confidential

  • You share what's happening in life and what you would like to be different

    • What prompted you to reach out....

  • I will share a little bit about my methods and what might be the first step for us to take.​

  • Answer any questions you might have.

We get the chance to feel and see

if we would be a match.

The work we do together is a personal and heartfelt journey for you.

  • It's important for you to feel a sense of trust and comfort so that you can bring all of yourself to the sessions.

  • It's important for me to make sure I can support you with what you are bringing forward.

  • There is ZERO Pressure to take the next step.  You get to decide.

A well-pleased young girl enjoying an ideal day sitting in the window-sill. Wearing casual

Client Sentiments

“I love my sessions with Emily!

She’s a great listener and our sessions focus on my current needs.

I’m so glad I tried Acupressure and Reiki.  I find both to be amazing at helping me to relax. I look forward to seeing Emily every few weeks and would highly recommend her!”  Heather

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