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You will receive...

Connect with your True Self...

Reflect, Release, Renew

Amazing Human ~
This is the place for you if you're feeling the stress from life and want more.

Stress can look like:

  • Zero work/life balance.  You're burning the candle at both ends feeling like you are failing at home and at work

  • Feelings of being overwhelmed and exhausted from a nonstop life of holding EVERYTHING together

  • Physical tension, pain, and headaches on the regular

  • Stress and anxiety are regular unwanted visitors in your day

  • Compassion fatigue from caring for everyone's needs whether it's part of your career or at home

  • Career and job frustrations that don't seem to get better

  • Disconnection from yourself and what lights you up

  • Feeling like you are stuck on the hamster wheel of life

  • Numbness with life in general and find yourself mindlessly scrolling social media or binging the latest series

  • Relationship frustrations with your partner

Do you desire?


  • To feel calmer, happier, and at ease

  • To have more time to think, focus, and breathe

  • To feel physically healthy and vibrant

  • To feel connected and present with those you love

  • To make a positive difference in the work you do

  • To use your voice with confidence and clarity

  • "Me Time" To go get a coffee, read a book, take a walk or a class without feeling guilty 

  • To go after your dream

  • To be able to answer "Who am I?" at this stage in life

  • To say No to energy drains

  • To say YES to yourself and to things that Light YOU Up!

If this sounds even a little bit like you,

you are in the right place  💛

What we can do together...

If you are interested in coaching and would like to discuss what's possible and see if we might be a match.

If you live in the area and are ready to schedule an in-person session to release the built up tension, stress, and pain

To learn more about the 20-Minute call where we can determine the best way to bring in more ease into your life with in-person sessions!


You will receive...

  • Time and space for you to focus on YOU; without the guilt, without embarrassment, without judgment, and without expectations.
  • Space to get really honest and real with yourself…. where you peel back the layers to see and feel what is really needed or wanted.      Space to be messy and real.
    • No white lies
    • No hiding
    • No B.S
  • A place for you to transform and heal on whatever level is right for you – physically, mentally, or emotionally.  Where you can break free from the restrictions holding you back from living your life intentionally, full of energy, focus, and passion.
  • A place for you to be heard, seen, validated, and celebrated.
  • Time to connect to your dreams and desires for everything in your life!  Where you are empowered to:
    • Create healthy boundaries
    • Nourish and heal your body
    • Create new thought patterns and healthy habits
    • Learn the gifts of your emotions
    • Re-engage with life and loved ones
    • Feel heard, seen, and acknowledged
    • Discover what is important to you
Meet Emily
Emily - Brick.jpg

Meet Emily

YAY!  I'm so happy you are here!

You made it to my site which means you are on a journey of self-discovery, self-development, or self-healing.


Or, you just simply want more out of life! 


There is a calling within you,

an inner whisper encouraging you to connect

to the wisdom and messages that are in your soul, guiding you to your future path and the future YOU. 


I am here for you.  I see you.  I hear you. 

I celebrate you!

I am a fellow seeker of life, self-discovery, self-healing and of empowerment.  I have been thirsty for knowledge and connection my entire life. 

And I am thrilled that you are here!


What Clients Say

Coaching Client

“As a full-time plus employee in corporate America, full-time mom and wife I have found myself drowning in everyday life.  I needed someone to help me find balance and happiness.  I'm not 100% there yet, but Emily is helping me find my way.

She is a great listener, has the ability to be objective and finds a way to get me to dig deeper as to what the real problem is and not what is just on the surface.  I particularly appreciate her honesty and helping me realize that I am not alone in this world and not the only person struggling trying to get it right.

I would recommend Emily to anyone who needs a shoulder to lean on; she will not judge and will show compassion and look for ways to evoke change.”


"Yesterday I was clever and tried to change the world.  Today I am wise and try to change myself."

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Thanks for Joining!

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