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to BE

Personal Transformation
Heart-centered Circle
Women who Have your Back

4 Month
Group Coaching

2023 Program

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Dear Amazing Woman ~ 

My heart is so happy that you are here, on this page, at this very time in your life.  It's no mistake or coincidence.... it is truly meant to be. 

My hunch is that you want a better life experience. Of a happier life, of a more purpose-filled life, and one filled with love. A life filled with a grounded heartfelt connection to who you are and what you stand for; where you can use your voice to express freely.   

And that there is a longing for meaningful wholehearted connection with a circle of women who have your back. Where you will be welcomed and embraced as your full, true self; without holding back or hiding as you grow and transform in your own unique way. 

Yes, my hunch is that you may want all of that....and more!

Happy Woman
 Young Woman Contemplating

I also feel you on the brink of burnout from holding it all together.

Your plate is overflowing and you are wondering how and when this better life could actually ever happen.

You find yourself caring for everyone around you, making sure they are happy and satisfied.  Yet, you are exhausted.

You are working long hours and the Work-Life Balance is obsolete - in fact, it's a joke!

You crave just 30 minutes to yourself.  To breathe, to catch your breath, and clear your mind.

You keep promising yourself that after the work is done, you will have some time for you.... 

and that promise is broken time and time again.

It's time for a change....


It's time for you to connect with the wise-woman inside of you and get to know yourself on an entirely new level.

Are you Ready To Give Yourself Permission to BE.......

To Be Heard

To Be Seen

To Be Loved

To Be Bold

To Be Healthy

To Be Confident

To Be in Action

To Be Celebrated

To Be Authentically YOU

To Be Connected to Your Body

To Be Alive and Take Up Space 

To Stand Up for Yourself

To Go After What Lights You Up

and Makes Your Heart Sing

Program Includes 4 Months of:

  • Personalized Support and Genuine, Heartfelt Connection within a Circle of Women

    • To keep this intimate, 14 women will be accepted into our sacred circle

  • Monthly Themed Learning & Connection Calls

    • Journaling and activation exercises to deepen into the transformation journey​

  • Monthly Integration & Sharing Calls

  • Group Visioning & Connection Call to Begin

  • Group Celebration & Integration to Complete

  • Monthly Meditations to deepen into the theme

  • Private Facebook Group

    • Connection, Support, Community, Resources​

  • Special Discounts to any workshops & programs released in 2021​

  • 10% Discount on Energetic Sessions

Dreams This Way / Motivational Inspirati

Monthly Themes

Tree Lined Path


Creating the foundation and stepping onto the path

Permission: To vision and leave the baggage behind

Image by Lina Trochez


Values and digging into what's really important to you

Permission: To claim your values - your North Star

Deep in Thought


Thoughts and Beliefs; the stories we tell ourselves

Permission: To own your own thoughts

Image by Darius Bashar


Self-Care, Self-Compassion and Self-Love

Permission: To love yourself first

Image by Tengyart


Emotions and their Gifts

Permission: To feel emotions without judgment

Image by Jan Canty


Acknowleding the growth and looking forward.

Permission: To celebrate yourself and continue to dream

Heartfelt Experiences


She is a great listener, has the ability to be objective and finds a way to get me to dig deeper as to what the real problem is and not what is just on the surface.


Emily is a wise, thoughtful and curious coach.  When I worked with her, I was always comforted knowing that she held no judgments of me and knowing that she held space for me and how I showed up. 


Working with Emily allowed me to overcome my fears and give myself permission to move forward in ways that felt both authentic and liberating.


"Who knew loving oneself was such a radical act? And to find self-love, there is no better pilot than Emily.  I was suffocating in my job, relationships, and life and felt genuinely without happiness nor hope when I started working with Emily. To say she flipped my life 180 degrees would be a dire understatement. Emily steadily yet gently directed me to face some of my biggest challenges and anxieties. She provided strong guidance when surfacing my unconscious self-sabotage and reassurance as I took my first wobbly steps into self-care and love. I simply cannot believe the transformation within myself in 8 months. It is not hard to see the numerous positive changes coaching has provided in my life. Emily helped me write the map to a happy future."


"Coaching with Emily has been invaluable for me personally and professionally! I love her intuitive, gently curious style of coaching, which helps me look at myself honestly without feeling threatened or defensive. Emily is masterful at listening for and bringing out issues and insights that are right under my nose...and invisible to me. As a coach, Emily is that wise friend who knows when to throw down a challenge or circle back to a recurring theme with tenderness. With each session, I'm laughing, I'm taking notes, I'm stunned into silence with a-ha moments, and by the end of every session, I have a clearer vision, a renewed passion, and a calmer spirit. "

An Investment in yourself and your future 

Your Price:

Pay in Full: $449

         ~ or ~ 

Monthly Payments: $112.25 x 4

To add on (4) 1:1 Coaching sessions

Pay in Full: $849

        ~ or ~ 

Monthly Payments: $212.25 x 4

Early Sign Up Bonuses

  • 1 Private 50-minute Visioning Call - To use before the program start  (valued at $125)

** To be eligible: Sign up and pay by 12-31-2022**

YES!  This sounds so exciting and I would love to learn more.

Next Steps: 

  1. Schedule a 30 minute exploration call so that we can get to know each other and see how this program might support you on your journey.

  2. I will share more details about the program after our call so that you will have time to reflect and determine if it feels right for you.

There is no pressure in this process, only a heartfelt connection,

and an intention that you discover what is right for you.

~ Top 10 Reasons to Join Us ~ 


Get clear on where you are and where you want to be

Now is the time. You are ready to say yes to you and your life. You want to discover what is off and what doesn’t feel right, so that you can make changes and go after what it is that lights you up. You are ready to start dreaming again of what could be!


Create a new soundtrack for your life

Every road trip needs an inspiring soundtrack! You will learn new thoughts to think that serve you and install new beliefs to support your transformation, where you will feel empowered and confident as you move forward. There will be a new soundtrack in your mind, that has you grooving and shaking!


Become BFF’s with your Emotions

You will become Best Friends Forever with your emotions, the whole crazy lot of them. Your emotions will no longer run your life without your input. You will gain a deeper awareness of what they actually mean for you, and what it is that they can help you with. You might even want to buy a BFF necklace to share with them!


Committed Community of Women

As adults it can be hard to find friends who really get you, support you, and celebrate you for who you are.

This community of women is ready for that deep connection, and for conversations that go below the surface level. They are ready to embrace and empower each other while everyone transforms on their unique journey.


Dig in and grab what is important to you

You will gain clarity around what is really important to you, not what someone else told you is important. You will connect to your personal and professional values and align with them so that your life feels connected and filled with purpose.


Release the tension and stress

Through different techniques and practices, you will let go of years of tension and stress and be able to breathe again. You will learn ways to recognize your stress response and release the tension quickly so that it doesn’t build up and weigh you down.


Connect to your body wisdom

Your body is so devoted and loyal to you and it is time for you to connect to the messages that it has been sending you.


Learn how to Love Yourself

Through the work, you will begin to appreciate the beautiful, wise, and amazing woman that you are. You will start to speak lovingly and with kindness to yourself and your body.


Jump off the Hamster Wheel

As you put the practices in place, you will see the changes and experience momentum. No more spinning your wheels and going nowhere. All that energy and passion that you have inside will move you forward on your unique path.


Grant Yourself Permission to BE

The entire program is set up to provide you with the internal passion and drive to say yes to you, to your future, and to everything that fills you with love and joy.  You will provide yourself with the Permission to BE.  Nobody needs to give it to you, as you will give it to yourself – with love, vulnerability, commitment, and grounded confidence. 

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