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Vision Board ~ Claim Your Word ~ Wine Party

It’s a night all about you to create, laugh, and connect! 

Enjoy a glass of wine while you get your creative mojo flowing!

Vision Board

A vision board is a super awesome way to help you envision your future.  It is a way to help you focus in on a future life goal, dream, or desire.  You pick images that light you up and get you excited about your future goal.  The images could be how you want to be, what you want to have, what you want to do, and most importantly how you want to feel.  This is a fun and creative event to call in what’s most important to you.

What to Expect:

Brief guided meditation to help you tap into what you want to bring to life with your vision board.  Creative collaboration

with awesome women.  Laughter, fun, and connection!

I Will Supply:

Poster boards, some magazines, glue, scissors, crafty stuff, and markers

What You Bring:

Any special quotes or pictures that you want to put on your board and an open mind to create and have fun. 

Claim Your Word - Bracelet

Do you have a theme guiding you into 2020?  Do you have a special word that helps center you and keep you on track to achieve your goals?  Do you have a special word that inspires you to action?  Do you have a word that connects you to those you love?  Whether you have a word or you discover it in the guided meditation – you will get to Claim Your Word and I will stamp your word on a special customized bracelet, all for you. 

I will supply the wine, tea, water and light snacks.
Date: Saturday, February 8th
Time: 5:30pm – 8:30pm
Cost: $30.00

Sign up soon, as space is limited to 12 people! 

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