BeMe Inside Out™

A Body-Energy-Mind-Emotions Inside Out™ session is where you receive awareness coaching and gentle energy work for focused healing inside and out.

  • Be heard, Be seen, Be acknowledged, and Be cared for, in a 100% Safe and Confidential space

  • Connect to your highest self or inner wise one for guidance and insights

  • Gain awareness to what you truly want

  • Breakthrough whatever is holding you back

  • Allow the body to guide into what needs to be released and healed

  • Feel relaxed, nourished, refreshed, and ready to move forward towards the life you desire and deser​ve

90 Minute Session


45 min Coaching &

45 min Acupressure/Reiki


2 Hour Session


1 hour Coaching &

1 hour Acupressure/Reiki


Transformational Packages

The packages includes a 60 min discovery consultation to create the foundation for your transformational journey. 

Each month you will receive:

  • one 90 min BeMe Inside Out™ (in person)

  • one 45 min Focused Coaching (phone/Zoom)

Choose between :
  • 4 Month Package: $940​
  • 6 Month Package: $1410