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Coaching & Energetics Combined  

Where the true magic happens!

BeMe Inside Out™

A Body-Energy-Mind-Emotions Inside Out™ session is where you receive awareness coaching and gentle energy work for focused healing inside and out.  

It's where we bring it all together and meet you where you are at on that day and fully customize to what you need at the moment. 

  • Be heard, Be seen, Be acknowledged, and Be cared for, in a 100% Safe and Confidential space

  • Connect to your highest self or inner wise one for guidance and insights

  • Gain awareness of what you truly want

  • Breakthrough whatever barriers that are holding you back

  • Allow the body to guide into what needs to be released and healed

  • Feel relaxed, nourished, refreshed, and ready to move forward towards the life you desire and deserve

90 Minute Session


45 min Coaching &

45 min Acupressure/Reiki


2 Hour Session


1 hour Coaching &

1 hour Acupressure/Reiki


Transformational Packages

The packages includes a 60 min discovery consultation to create the foundation for your transformational journey. 

Each month you will receive:

  • one 90 min BeMe Inside Out™ (in person)

  • one 45 min Focused Coaching (phone/Zoom)

Choose between :
  • 4 Month Package: $940​
  • 6 Month Package: $1410
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